When we see this announcement we cringe!! This year I figured the California Health Carriers would have figured out that the public can’t keep handling the massive increases doled out in previous years. Boy was I wrong. Today the Covered California people fed the public a 13.2% rate change for the …oh so popular, Exchange products. (Sarcasm noted)

Not to be outdone and certainly to take away the sting at the Exchange Blue Shield just piped in with an “only 19.9% rate change” for their 2016 Individual products. What happened to all of the hype about how many people they have enrolled and how they will control rates with all of the citizens of California signing on to the new ACA required Health Insurance?

BTW, the Max out of pockets are not going down. they are going up! The deductibles are not going down. they are rising along with the copays and you’re getting older so the rates keep rising as you get older!  Are your incomes rising 13.2% or 19.9% if not, coupled with the increased costs being passed on to the consumer I’d venture a guess that whatever the Politicos thought was going to work,

Hey people out there in BLOG land, if you voted for the people that did this to you, you’re getting what you deserve. If you want to fix it, fix who you vote for in November! If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’re always got! How many times do you need to get Screwed!?????