Happy New Year to all!

So, the election went just as planned? November proved to us that we are living in interesting times. As of this moment a few weeks from the Inauguration and the slings and arrows are still flying! Not sure anymore what’s real and what isn’t. Even the stories of the Fake news are probably false!

Last year I blogged about the what if the Republicans win! Wow was I providing foresight? Reality is here and the end of Obamacare is around the corner but an alternative plan isn’t. As I predicted, we are going to be sitting with this law for a time into the future.

What I want to write about today is more to the point on products. For 6 years we’ve told our clients that the Affordable Care Act is Network driven. Do people listen? NO! they know what’s better. They still are living in Grandpa’s old 80/20 PPO world and everyone else is passing them up. Today a client who TOLD us what they wanted and responded YES to our questions of networks that their Providers were in discovered that lo and behold!! NO THE DOCS are not in that network. Twice the work and all of the grief because they didn’t follow our recommendation and delve further into their needs for a specific plan. Why come to a professional for advice if you won’t listen to him?

More and more the Providers are getting wise to the network question. When asked they freely provide the Tax ID number you are supposed to look up. Tough enough as that is, the contract could be changing tomorrow and the plan you buy for access to that provider is worth less and less. All of this proves something I written about for years now. BE INVOLVED with your healthcare benefit needs! Ask the providers each time you make an appointment if they are still contracted with your carrier. Know the benefit in advance! Who among you likes to receive a balance bill because the provider unbeknownst to anyone cancelled his or her contract last month!!

Be careful out there more and more as the ACA, Obamacare watch becomes more unwound with every stroke the Congress passes for the good of all Americans!!