Status as I see it. Our new President is in the White House and Executive orders are flying all over the place. We don’t conclude a day without something in the news (Fake or real) about Mr. Trump and the White House dealings. One thing for sure is that there is no shortage of speculation on where the health care system is heading.

I get a question often about “What’s going to happen?” like I have insider information! My usual response is that we are under ObamaCare, with Trumpcare on the cusp. A third answer could as easily be “I don’t Care!” but I’m a nice guy and won’t offer that.

So far, we are seeing a lot of suggestions and some relaxing of the regulatory rhetoric but nothing concrete. Our feeling is that what is will continue for the next year or longer. Humana announced last evening that they were not a player in the 2018 exchange. They have 11 states of the 19 they offered  remaining, (Not a Health Player in California)  and in many they are the only player. This shortage of carriers could cause the Republicans to start thinking a bit faster than I don’t Care! The only real answer I can honestly offer is that NOTHING has changed and you still need a plan to avoid the penalty.

If you follow the news you’ll also see that the mergers between the major carriers are being disallowed! One carrier is even suing the other carrier it was supposed to merge with for non completion of the merger! Who do you think will pay the damages for that legal entanglement? The last President said you could keep your plan if you liked it (FAIL) We were told we needed the ACA to control costs (FAIL). This President won his office on the REPEAL/REPLACE promise. (FAIL/SUCCESS)  You make the call!